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Odie was born Oliver Jurcec on July 25 1977 in Baden‐Baden, Germany. His older brother introduced him to hip‐hop in 1987 via some old school tapes snatched in Berlin. Ever since, he has been evolving into a serious DJ and avid record collector. 1994 saw the start of his first crew Fux‐Gäz ‐ a local collective of Odie's fellow MCs, DJs, producers and breakdancers. Although all were too young to make serious moves, a foundation was laid through some first gigs and demos, and most of all original production (an Akai S‐01 sampler and an Atari ST2000 running Cubase!). After Fux‐Gäz parted ways in 1997, Odie joined Cologne's Rimshot collective as their DJ. Rimshot toured extensively throughout western Germany, but also saw a good share of record label politics with the band going in and out of unsuccessful record deals, ultimately leading to their breakup a year later. With much experience under his belt, Odie started playing clubs in his area (references), while one of many trips back to his Sibenik, Croatia roots introduced him to the current Sixpack collective ‐ OneIIMany (MCs Mijagi + IL Grande Ma), and DJs MengRen and Bronson. In addition to his German club residencies, Odie started making more serious moves with Sixpack. 1998 saw the rebirth of the Foundation hiphop radio show, up to this day one of Croatia's strongest and longest running. They have also been playing regular gigs around Dalmatia and Zagreb, even Austria, from 1998 up until the present (references).

Their own Sixpack recording studio also saw the light of day in the spring of 2004. If you haven't witnessed his live sets, Odie's scratching skills can be heard on some wellrespected Croatian hip‐hop tracks. He has superb all‐around skills, from mixing and blending to just straight up turntablism, and a deep record collection stretching from classic dancehall, soul and funk to current hip‐hop and r&b hits and everything in between.


Artists he performed with:

DJ Bronson, DJ @War, DJ Kofi, DJ Babu of the World Famous Beat Junkies, DJ Kool, DJ Illegal, DJ Membrain, DJ Cash Money (Philadelphia), Plattenplapzt, DJ Phat Philly, Twice as Nice (London), DJ Ollidoboli, DJ Kpow, DJ Fu, The Blazin Brothers, DJ Dan (Texta), DJ Boulevard Bou, Sadat X, Diamond D, MC Rene, Torch & Toni L, Jeru the Damaja, Maylay Sparks, J‐Ro (of Tha Alkoholiks), Elemental (Croatia), Doppler Efekt (Croatia), Bolesna Braca, Tram 11, One II Many (Croatia), Lord Kossity, Tournesol, D‐Flame, Kool DJ GQ, Oddisee & Trek Life, Patrice, Tefla & Jaleel, Brothers Keepers...and many more!


Club References:    
Gotec, Karlsruhe Linzfest, Linz Besame Mucho, Zürich
Soho, Mannheim Donaufest, Ulm Aurora, Primosten
Club Le Caramboulage, Karlsruhe 2002 Adidas Streetball Challenge, Frankfurt Hard Rock Club, Skopje (Macedonia)
Altes Zollamt, Stuttgart Battle of The Year 2010, Mannheim Hacienda, Vodice
Zapata, Stuttgart Enter Festival, Split Jupiter, Ljubljana
Bett, Stuttgart Aquarius "Blackout Lounge", Zagreb Maraschino, Zagreb
Neuland, Pforzheim Exit, Vodice Gala Hala, Ljubljana
Element Club, Pforzheim Gjuro II (R&B Confusion), Zagreb STriva, Split
Mäx, Lauda Seasplash, Pula O’Hara, Split
Roxy, Ulm   Metropolis, Split
Visions, Köln    
Le Petite Prince, Köln   and many more...


Weitere Infos: jeden Donnerstag live von 19-21Uhr!

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