LIVE: Oddisee & Trek Life (USA) + Wonda Prince

(Foot in the Door Europe Tour)

am Samstag den 10.02.07(20Uhr) gibts wieder ne HIPHOP/REGGAE-Party im Cafe CHIC (Altes neuland°) in Pforzheim!


ODDISEE & TREKLIFE + Special Guest: THE UNKNOWN (Washington D.C./USA)

Special: Live MPC Actions!!!


Zur Feier des Tages präsentieren wir euch ein US HIPHOP SPECIAL der besonderen Art. Im Rahmen ihrer Foot in the Door Europe Tour werden der aus Wahington,D.C. stammende ODDISEE (LOW BUDGET/ halftooth.com) & TREK LIFE (LA) am Samstag, den 10.02.2007 einen Halt in Pforzheim im Cafe CHIC (ALTES neuland°) einlegen. ODDISEE (gesignt auf HALFTOOTH RECORDS, New York), der sich durch seine Produktion & Raps auf der “The Magnificient LP” von DJ JAZZY JEFF (2002) endgültig einen Namen in der Szene machte, produzierte seitdem nicht nur für JAZZY JEFF, TALIB KWELI und J-LIVE sondern arbeitete auch mit Gary Shider von Parliament and Funkadelic, Wordsworth, Little Brother, Kev Brown, Foreign Exchange, Freddi Foxxx, Asheru, The UN, The Visionaries und vielen anderen Artists auf der ganzen Welt zusammen. Auch mit seiner LOW BUDGET CREW (mit Kev Brown, Kenn Starr und Cy Young) konnte ODDISEE seine Fans wie auch seine Kritiker überzeugen.

“FOOT IN THE DOOR”, versehen mit hochklassigen Gastauftritten von Freddie Foxxx, J-Live, Supastition, Asheru, Darien Brockington, Trek Life, Kenn Starr, Kev Brown, u.v.m., wurde von niemand geringerem als von DJ JAZZY JEFF gemixed. Dieses großartige Stück Musik kann in jeder Hinsicht überzeugen.ODDISEE beweist nicht nur sein Ausnahmetalent als Produzent, sondern auch seine überaus lohnenswerten Fähigkeiten als MC, sei es hinsichtlich seiner Styles und Raffinessen im Hinblick auf ausgefallene Wortspiele, oder aber bezüglich kritischer und nachdenklicher Inhalte.

Doch damit nicht genug, begleitet wird ODDISEE von TREK LIFE (TIMELESS MUSIC INC.,LA,California/ trek-life.com), ebenfalls einer der aufstrebenden Sterne des US Indie Rap,der aus dem Umfeld der Dilated Peoples stammt, die sich für eine Vielzahl seiner Produktionen verantwortlich zeigen. Bekannt geworden ist TREK LIFE durch seine Crew DEVIOUS NETWORK (zusammen mit SILO), produziert vom BLACK EYED PEAS Producer MOTIV-8. TREK LIFE, der mit seinem DJ 360 von der Knitting Factory (LA) bis zum Manhattan Center (NY) schon fast jede Stage mit u.a. GangStarr, Mystic, Slum Village,... gerockt hat, wurde bisher u.a. von EVIDENCE & BABU of DILATED PEOPLES, DJ KHALIL (SELF SCIENTIFIC), J-THRILL und DJ RHETTMATIC (BEAT JUNKIES) produziert.

An den Technics wird an diesem Abend das Pforzheimer DJ TEAM SKET`N`ODIE (djsket.de) feinsten HIPHOP präsentieren (Neue Promo Mixes stehen zum Download bereit auf www.morethanrecords.de).

Ebenfalls an diesem Abend wird uns WONDA PRINCE wieder seine Ehre in Pforzheim erweisen. WONDA PRINCE (wonda-prince.com), der sich als Teil der beiden französischen Dancehall/ Reggae Crews REALITY CREW FAMILY und der SOUNDSHEPHERDS einen Namen machte, und mittlerweile Bestandteil der Mannheimer Reggae Live Combo Irie Revoltes ist (checkt auch den von den TEKA produzierten Track “Favourite Mistake” auf Rootdown Records), wird an diesem Abend von der Local Soundstation SOUL JAH TRIBE (souljahtribe.com) unterstützt, die mit ihrem Set wie gewohnt die Tanzfläche zum Kochen bringen werden.



CHIC Pforzheim – www.chic-pforzheim.de 10. Februar 2007












Oddisee Biography:

Since producing and performing the hit track "Musik Lounge" for DJ Jazzy Jeff's The Magnificent LP in 2002, Amir "Oddisee" Mohamed has quickly become a rising star in Hip-Hop and an artist to keep your eye on as both a producer and emcee extraordinaire. Taking advantage of working at A Touch of Jazz studios, Oddisee has incorporated the neo soul vibe of Philly into his eclectic and well decorated resume. Coming from a diverse background, the half Sudanese half African American was blessed with musical talent from both sides of his family. Oddisee was influenced by the accomplished singers, guitarists, and poets on his Sudanese side, and on his American side, by the gospel singers, bluegrass guitar players, and older cousins who gave him his first taste of Hip-Hop. Ironically, though, it was his Sudanese father that gave Oddisee the vinyl that fueled his passion for producing Hip-Hop music.

Since turning his focus towards Hip-Hop in 1999, Oddisee has worked with the likes of Gary Shider of Parliament and Funkadelic, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Talib Kweli, J-Live, Wordsworth, Little Brother, Freddie Foxxx, Asheru, The UN, The Visionaries and many other respected recording artists around the world. In addition, Oddisee received a tremendous amount of attention and critical acclaim for his stand-out performances and production work on albums such as DJ Jazzy Jeff's The Magnificent, Halftooth Records' You Don't Know the Half, Wordsworth's Mirror Music, J-Live's The Hear After, Kev Brown's I Do What I Do, and The Foreign Exchange's Connected, as well as his own renowned Instrumental Mixtape - Vol. 1, which was released in 2005 on Halftooth Records.

Signed with New York based Halftooth Records, Oddisee is invading air waves and record stores near you with a unique sound that is impossible to ignore. With his incredibly distinctive and mesmerizing style, Oddisee covers just about every sect of Hip-Hop music, creating a sound that is appealing to all music lovers. Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Maryland, Oddisee and his Low Budget crew, including such Hip-Hop artists and producers as Kev Brown, Kenn Starr and Cy Young, have already managed to leave their mark within the Hip-Hop community of the D.C. metropolitan area, and Oddisee is today introducing his remarkable sounds to the world and ready to influence the entire Hip-Hop community.

Although he has his own original and creative style and sound, Oddisee has been compared to such outstanding producers as Jay Dee, Pete Rock, Madlib and J. Rawls, and he has been called "one of the best underground producers in the game" by HipHopGame.com and "the best producer in Hip-Hop that you probably don't know yet" by AllHipHop.com.

With a number of phenomenal projects and collaborations already under his belt, this producer/emcee extraordinaire is working on several amazing and exciting projects for release in 2006 and beyond. If he isn't already, Oddisee is poised to be your favorite beat maker and lyricist in one.

Watch out world!!!


 Trek Life Biography part 1:

Between Inglewood & Rancho Cucamonga lies the Los Angeles suburb of West Covina, the 626, current home of West Coast emcee Trek Life. But as a kid, Trek grew up running the streets of Southern California's most notorious areas, rolling out like most his age to pull chicks and hit parties. Dress codes were strict as gang banging was in full fledge war mode and police brutality was at its worst. It was then that his Pops moved East to West Covina to protect his family and Trek had his first experience with culture shock - mixing with Mexicans, Chinese, White folks and Philipinos. From '96-'99 Trek got caught up in the typical bad decisions of youth and decided to raise up and progress.

Throughout school, rap had played a prominent part of Trek's Life, along with those he grew up with, and so he began to move toward a serious career in rap. By 2004 he had released his first official single on vinyl, Hardwork b/w Maintain Excellence via Timeless Music. Then he dropped "Mind Right" produced by Evidence of Dilated Peoples b/w "All Times" produced by DJ Rhettmatic on ABB.

In May of 2006 he released his debut album "Price I Paid" and garnered glowing reviews from industry standards like OkayPlayer which rated his project a well earned 89 saying that Trek delivered "feel-good soulful Hip-hop with an energetic and confident flow similar to that of Black Thought [of The Roots]." His project was also filled with a who's who of up and coming producers including Babu, Kev Sakoda, and DJ Khalil.

Over the next two years, Trek Life worked with some of the industry's best, including Aftermath Recording star Bishop Lamont. He hosted for and dj'd with QuestLove, Jazzy Jeff, and the Cerritos All-Stars before becoming MySpace's official LA host and opening for the likes of Nas and TI. During this time he managed to meet up with East Coast, Washington DC producer, Oddisee through a mutual friend Brutha Brub. They began putting in work together and establishing a strong report.


Trek Life Biography part 2:

Hailing from West Covina, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles, Trek Life is well known for his aggressive delivery, thought provoking lyrics, energetic shows, and ill DJ sets. His skills have given him the opportunity to work with various talented producers and emcees such as Babu, Evidence, Oddisee, Kev Brown and Khalil as well as host & DJ with QuestLove, Jazzy Jeff, Rhettmatic, and Cerritos All-stars.

As Myspace’s official LA host, Trek Life has also opened, hosted, and DJ’ed for Nas, TI, & many more. Trek Life’s debut album “Price I’ve Paid” received high reviews from several websites, magazines, and blogs and has allowed him the opportunity to tour the world from Seattle to Germany.

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